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Sheryl believes the City Council should work to promote small and local businesses and make it easier for them to grow and help build the foundation of our local economy. Having operated her own small business in Edmond for 23 years, she understands the needs and the hurdles local business owners must overcome.

Police & Fire

Sheryl supports our local police and fire departments and understands the importance of ensuring they are equipped to serve Edmond residents for any situation. Maintaining a safe living environment in Edmond begins with ensuring the members of our police and fire departments are adequately equipped and trained.

Rights of Individuals & Families

Sheryl believes that civil government is, and should be, limited in it's powers to specific areas of authority. That authority is determined by the consent of the governed, and to venture outside of the bounds of civil government is a wrongful overreach into the rights of individuals, families, businesses and churches. She is committed to standing against any such overreach.

Public Recreation Areas

It is important to the growth of our town to have recreational areas available for all residents. With that understanding Sheryl is motivated to ensure our current areas are well maintained, and that future recreational areas are constructed responsibly and with consideration of residents of all ages and backgrounds.